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The dampers that control the air flow are electrically or vacuum operated. You have a bad damper motor, a stuck damper, a control panel failure or something in between. The something in between is a vacuum leak or an electrical fault. All that stuff can be very difficult to check out because it is all stuffed behind the dash.

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I have fried two myself. Both ended up doing the same thing like you describe, they will only blow thru the defroster vents. You will need to replace the panel. And a tip, cover the exposed circuit panel with duct tape. From then on. Dash AC not working. Not solved Problem 2) Fleetwood Fiesta 31H on a Ford Chassis, with V10 engine. Initially on a month long trip when I would hit a heavy bump, the Dash AC would stop blowing and blow a 7.5 amp fuse (see fuse panel, lst col, 2nd row) under the hood. Replacing the fuse would enable the Dash AC to run until I hit another heavy bump.

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All of a sudden the two middle vents in the dash stopped blowing. I have played with the settings - on, off, all the way hot, all the way cold - nothing from the two mid vents. The left and right vent blow with no problem. There is also cold air coming from the vent near the windshield - just the two middle dash vents are not functioning.

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2002 chevy silverado 1500 LS - air does not blow thru the vents, defroster, or heater. If you turn the selector knob to any position the still does not flow. You can hear the fan blowing and feel the heat in the dash, but no.

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Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 22, 2013. There's no/little air coming from the front dash vents on my wife's 2011 Acadia regardless of how the system is set. After doing some research, I've tried resetting the HVAC system by temporarily pulling the fuse. No effect. The blower doesn't have any obvious damage and the front floor and rear vents.

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Piner1. My 2015 is doing the same thing, and a loose wire seems too easy. I always park in a garage, and when I start up in the morning I get 80% air on my feet and 20% air out the front vents. Selector is set on front vents only. If I park it out in the sun, go in someplace, it starts working again 100% air out the front vents when I come back.

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black clover sol x male reader correct the sentence worksheet audi 01e gearbox thorn emi wells 16x40 tiny house for sale 1991 redman mobile home models near alabama. 98 Lumina Air Vents not working - General - Community. By Mlewk, July 5, 2015 in General. Share.

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2002 chevy silverado 1500 LS - air does not blow thru the vents, defroster, or heater. If you turn the selector knob to any position the still does not flow. You can hear the fan blowing and feel the heat in the dash, but no.

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